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Sorry 4 The Wait


While you wait for the Carter 4 to officially come out, Sorry 4 The Wait is a great way to pass the time. In fact, it is on par with some of the best mixtapes Weezy has produced, which says a lot since he is basically the mixtape king. No room for poppy songs either, ever track is real and should get you mad awesomes on Turntable – plus it’s free! We know, too good to be true…



1980s Control Data Hard Drive Clock

Ever wonder what Google awards their employees with after a hard week of work? If your first thought is money, well, you’re a genius. However, they also like to reward them with unusual and fun things. Hence, these beautiful and rare clocks. You too can own a working piece of art handcrafted from TecoArt, which are featured here on Broodr. These repurposed clocks have been showcased also on both NBC and Thrillist, so you know they’re legit, and are a hit with anyone in the tech industry. All clocks are made from rare hard drives, graphics card, or computer operating systems. This piece is especially rare (an original from the 1980s) and would fit perfectly on any desk or in any home. Make sure to check out more of these recycled clocks on TecoArt’s Broodr Shop.



Lawn Party


Skip the backyard kegger this summer. The garden, or lawn, party is a summer necessity. Think individual style, light games, jazz music, and fine spirits. And of course, a carefree state of mind. The Lawn Party, in deep blue gingham 120s fabric, represents a more refined choice – both in dress and the company you keep.


The Y-Peeler by Slice


Created by world famous designer Karim Rashid, and recommended by the Cooking Club of America, the slice™ Y-Peeler features a super-sharp ceramic blade that lasts ten times longer than steel. Equally important, it looks like some crazy weapon out of Star Trek! Make quick work of peeling potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, soft foods like peaches, tomatoes, and slippery bell peppers — even tough-skinned mangos! Seriously, mangos! The ergonomic design fits comfortably in both small and large hands with a non-slip handle that’s lightweight to prevent fatigue. The ceramic blade is non-allergenic, chemically neutral, and impervious to acid, fat and salt – boom, take that salt. The Y-Peeler won’t brown food, transfer smells, or leave a metallic taste as well. Plus a minimum of 1% of all Slice product sales is donated to help fund autism research. See more amazing Slice products on their Broodr shop today!


Bears Don’t Roar


For those of you who are confused by the name, let us clarify for you. You see, bears do roar; however, they won’t if you’re sporting Bears Don’t Roar swag. The reason is pretty simple, it’s all about respect. Bears respect the Bears Don’t Roar brand, which should tell you something. With that type of respect, it garners instant street credibility plus the stuff just looks cool, which should be more than enough for you to try it out.